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Last Updated on March 29, 2021 by Novotaste


Spring is a magical time of year. Our knees finally come out from hibernation, you have an excuse to day drink on patios, and everything is suddenly Peeps-flavored. In fact, just this week Pepsi unveiled its marshmallow cola collaboration with the candy brand. And now, 7-Eleven is launching a Peeps-flavored menu item of its own.

On Friday, the convenience store chain announced the debut of its Peeps Latte, a creamy, marshmallow-infused coffee beverage that’s actually yellow.

“Like 7-Eleven, PEEPS Brand Marshmallow Candies are a family favorite with lots of fans, and it’s a fun flavor addition to our latte and cappuccino selection,” 7-Eleven vice president of proprietary beverages Jawad Bisbis said in a press release. “We are always looking for new and unexpected flavors for all of our proprietary beverages—hot, cold and frozen. I hope loyal PEEPS enthusiasts will come give our limited-edition latte a try.”

The latte is officially available at participating stores nationwide. And while we don’t know exactly how long the caffeinated marshmallow drink is sticking around, this is a a “while supplies last” situation. So you’re gonna wanna get in for your taste while you’ve got the chance.

“PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies have been a beloved part of Easter and Spring traditions for nearly seven decades and we love finding new ways to share our sweetness with fans,” PEEPS Brand Manager Caitlin Servian said in the press release. “We’re excited to partner with 7-Eleven to add even more PEEPSONALITY® to the Easter season to bring our delicious marshmallow flavor to latte fans across America!”

Source: 7-Eleven & Peeps Teamed up for a Marshmallow-Flavored Latte – Thrillist