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“A recent study has explored the relationship between flavor and memory by using 3D-printed flavor-based cues. The participants recalled memories with and without tasting a flavor associated with the memory, whereas when eating the related food the memory came back stronger…..

The study is titled “‘It took me back 25 years in one bound’: self-generated flavor-based cues for self-defining memories in later life,” quoting a participant. The scientists employed the Proust phenomenon, where chemical senses are used for triggering memory recall mainly related to smell, looking into the responses of taste instead…..

“Working alongside people to create flavor-based cues highlighted how powerful but underused this connection is. Our design approach helped bridge this gap and showed the potential for future applications to create rich, multi-sensory memory aides,” adds Dr. Tom Gayler, a lead author of the study.”

Source: 3D-printed flavor-based cue has 100% success in aiding in memory recall, inspiring use in dementia