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The Novotaste flavour team recently got inspired by a post describing flavour trends for food & beverage applications. There were 9 general trends that consisted of berry, tropical, green, mushroom, citrus, world, Mediterranean, warming spices & sensory explosion categories.

Based on this, we created a list containing 68 trendy summer flavours that can be adapted to most applications. This can be viewed below & the corresponding 2019 flavour trends word art can also be downloaded too.

Download 2019 Flavour Trends Word Art
Açai berry
Açaí berry + chocolate
Apple pie
Apricots, honey & pepper
Avocado crème pâtisserie
Basil + strawberry &/or watermelon
Birthday cake
Bitter orange
Blueberry lumberjack
Blueberry + mint
Campari kiwi
Cardamom black tea
Carrot lemonade
Chocolate + banana
Chocolate + hazelnut (containing no allergens)
Cinnamon bun
Cinnamon, banana & cherry
Clove, orange & pear
Ginger + mango or passionfruit
Ginger honey
Goji berry
Greek tea & honey
Herbal cola
Herbed Greek yogurt
Hibiscus & orange blossom
Honey, rosemary & jalapeño
Hot & cold mango cream
Jamaican gingerbread
Juniper berry + citrus mix
Juniper, lemon & cranberry*
Lavender + pink grapefruit
Lebanese 5 spices
Lemon meringue pie
Lemonade infused lavender
Mango + pineapple + jalapeño
Nanaimo cake
Orange + fennel
Orange blossom + blood orange
Orange clovesicle
Orris root + raspberry
Peach & basil
Pomelo + orris root
Prickly pear lime basil
Rosemary + ginger + lemon
Rosemary limonade
Sage & grape punch
Spicy guava
Spicy mango
Strawberries & black pepper
Strawberry + lime + blackpepper
Sundried tomato parmesan cream
Tangerine + hibiscus
Traditional rootbeer
Truffle & cracked peppercorn
Truffle pistaccio smoked cheese
Wasabi jack fruit
Watermelon feta
Watermelon tropical punch
Yuzu + rosewater

2019 Flavour Trends