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Global trends that will impact on food during 2019 point to a growth of healthy and sustainable foods. In this regard, given that half of Europeans follow some type of diet, an increasingly important part of consumers begins to demand ingredients, products and combinations of foods that provide physical or emotional benefits. This is indicated by the trends traced in different reports by the Observatory of Healthia Certification, healthy food stamp of the hotel sector.

What will we see this year? Consumers have become “distrustful” in a generalized way with the regulations of the agri-food industry, according to the market agency Mintel. The frenetic pace of life today and the fact of living very connected have also influenced the reaction of consumers to be “self-care”, prioritizing time and efforts that are dedicated to themselves and good nutrition.

The trends also suggest that vegan fever will continue. Last year it was already seen that vegetarianism continues to arouse much curiosity and even reaches the demand for desserts of a lifetime but in vegan version. The research firm Global Data notes that vegetarianism has increased by 600% in the United States since 2014. For its part, Mintel recently said that the amount of vegan products had increased by 92% since 2014.

Alcohol lowers points. In 2019 we will drink more water as detected by BBC Good Food, which predicts a boom in non-alcoholic beverages. And according to other data provided by various British supermarkets, premium tonic waters with interesting flavors, alcohol-free “liquors” and botanical mixtures (such as, for example, grapefruit, lemon, cardamom, oak and various spices) are flooding the market to fill a gap.

Another trend in food for this year affects the fusion cuisine. We saw it last year, with the triumph of Hawaiian food. And now everything points to the growing interest in food from the Middle East. The growing ease of getting ingredients from any corner of the planet is leading to more and more mestizo gastronomy.

Trends in Foods that Will Triumph in 2019


In the future – can be read in ” Global Food and Drink Trends 2019 “, which can be downloaded for free – more and more consumers will look for ingredients, products and combinations of foods and beverages that provide nutritional, physical or emotional benefits that improve their self-care priorities ” On the other hand, “the aversion to specific ingredients is increasing as more cities, counties, states and countries apply taxes, labeling requirements and other strategies to raise awareness about the possible harmful effects on health of sugar, salt, saturated fats and other ingredients that can be avoided, “says this report.

Drink water at mealsfood trends 2019

“It’s striking how the Spaniards ask for water again when they sit at the bar or at the bar table, up to 8% more.” This is reflected in Nielsen’s report “The new command.”

On the other hand, alcoholic beverages remain stagnant, especially those with higher alcohol content.

Eat with your eyesfood trends 2019

In the hands of the millennials, during 2019, the tendency to “eat with your eyes” will continue. According to the market agency Mintel, consumers are increasingly looking for food to be a sensory experience. Hence, demand products that involve the five senses and appeal to the visual, aroma or texture. The objective, at times, is none other than being able to share their consumption experience on Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks. In response, some restaurants are choosing to include more ingredients in their dishes that add colors. Last year on Instagram triumphed Goth Latte coffees or churros with ice cream.

Fusion menufood trends 2019

By 2019 some trend observatories predict that culinary influences from the Middle East will increase. This could explain spices such as cardamom and za’atar (a very popular spice mixture in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and, to a lesser extent, Turkey), as well as mint (perfect for growing at home), tahini or tomato jam, are coming to more menus.

The other major influence during 2019 will be Indian cuisine and dishes such as lentils curried stew, coconut noodles cardamom, rice with saffron nuts or potato croquettes and cod with sesame.

Fourth mealfood trends 2019

“It’s not about gluttony, it’s about adapting our meal times to our busy lives, ” says the annual report of Waitrose Food & Drink 2017-18 (you can download it for free here), a year after your previous study predicted the rise of poke (a typical Hawaiian salad), vegetable yoghurts (made after adding vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers or beetroot to lifelong yogurt), watermelon water and, in general, light meals. Whether it’s a snack between breakfast and lunch or a snack between lunch and dinner, the Waitrose report it predicts that by 2019 many of us will add one more meal to our daily routine.

Healthy foodfood trends 2019

Although half of Europeans and Americans follow some kind of diet, what they start to take away is making healthy choices, says Ross Anderson, head chef at the Waitrose Cookery School in Salisbury, Great Britain. Thus, while diets that exclude food are losing popularity, the demand for healthy food continues to increase above two digits. In total, 7 out of 10 buyers admit feeling happier when they buy foods that they know are healthy.

Do not throw anythingfood trends 2019

The trashcooking or kitchen use, especially vegetables, but also fish and meat just quoted, is testing the knowledge and skills of the best chefs to make delicious dishes in which everything is used and nothing is thrown away. This way of proceeding every time has greater support not only from consumers, but also from the heavy haute cuisine hawkers who opt for from nose to tail (to take advantage of the food from end to end).

Table for onefood trends 2019

The lone gourmets begin to be legion. If a few years ago opened its doors in Amsterdam (Holland) “Eenmaal”, the first restaurant for people who prefer to eat without company and immerse themselves in a “personal disconnection”, now begins to become widespread practice in other countries. According to Rob Collins, general manager of the company Wairtrose Limited, as consumers are taking control, social conventions are declining, to the point that it is no longer taboo to dine without company.

Clear labelsfood trends 2019

Consumers want to know the real story behind their food, and the path a product takes from its origin to the store, according to the annual report by the US supermarket chain Whole Foods, which specializes in organic foods. Consumers increasingly seek to know if a product is organic, if it holds the certification of fair trade, and if the product in question took into account animal welfare. The more clear and honest food is, the better perceived it is among consumers and they want to read it on their labels. What is sought is traceability and transparency.

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Eat localfood trends 2019

In many countries there is an increasing tendency to make dishes created with ingredients that are obtained at close range (proximity foods or kilometer 0). One of the most representative characters of this movement is the Danish chef René Redzepi, who does just that at his restaurant Noma in Copenhagen, appointed on three occasions as the best in the world. For many analysts, it is a current that continues to gain followers in more and more restaurants. The proof is that Redzepi himself, the 25-year-old chef who challenged food critics by betting on local products, wanted his new restaurant, Noma 2.0, to be surrounded by trees and vegetation, with an urban garden and have a greenhouse on the roof to grow local foods.

Vegetable proteinsfood trends 2019

In the case of whole grains, sprouts, seeds and even algae, the main observatories of trends predict that animal proteins will continue to give prominence to vegetables. This is how he understands, for example, the Pinterest report on what we will eat and drink in 2019. According to this social network, searches for ” vegetable proteins ” increased by 417% in 2017. The same can be said of vegan desserts, whose searches Pinterest grew by 329%.

More vegetablesfood trends 2019

Vegetable foods will continue to climb positions, as indicated in their list of forecasts for 2019 Baum + Whiteman, one of the leading consultants in restoration. To confirm this, here is the data provided in his report: 83% of Americans recognize being incorporating more plant foods into their diet for health reasons, while in the last year Google searches for items related to vegetarianism have grown 90% According to this report, ” Millennials and Generation X are adopting an eminently vegetable diet and… probably will continue to do so.”

Source: 12 Trends in Foods that Will Triumph in 2019 – Visit Yogurt Lab