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It is that time of the year again when alongside the jingle bells, we look into our crystal balls, learning of the trends that will take over the coming year. Last year, there were some interesting trends that showed up.

These included the reign of the Middle Eastern spices, plant-based diets, medicinal foods, and intermittent fasting among other trends. The Mediterranean diet also enjoyed the limelight for all the health benefits that it offers.

For instance, it is valuable for not only improving your heart health but is applauded for its role in improving your brain health. While these trends may continue on into 2019, others will take the stage too.

Here is a look at some of the top food trends that will be the highlight of 2019:

1. Regional flavors will receive a warm welcome

A country may have its national flavor but that does not mean that there isn’t a multitude of regional flavors. In 2019, these will take over the spotlight, bringing more fun and flavor to each meal.

Some of the examples including Southern Appalachian pimento cheese, Nashville’s hot chicken, and so on. The culinary heritage in the US is very varied, so you can expect to see several meals that will be influenced by the local, regional, and global tastes.

2. Herbal beverages will be on the rise

Beverages that are infused with beneficial herbs will see a rise in their popularity. Similarly, CBD drinks will continue making their way into cafes and grocery store shelves. If you have any favorites, you can continue enjoying and posting them on your social media feed in 2019.

3. New greens will be introduced

The Romaine E. coli concern that took over this year has left consumers looking toward new green options. Therefore, several members of the food industry are expecting to see more greens.

The 2019 food predictions report by SRG Culinary Council, points out that the winner of the “Top Chef,” Hosea Rosenberg is calling celtuce the new kale. Most of 2018’s headlines saw romaine lettuce and other salad ingredients. In the coming year though, something different but along the lines of green such as celtuce will enter the picture.

4. Pacific Rim-inspired flavors will also dominate

Grocers highlight that flavors from Oceania, Asia, and the western coasts of South American will gain a lot of popularity. Whole Foods suggests that Filipino sausage longganisa, cuttlefish, dragon fruits, guava, and dried shrimps are some of the ingredients to look out for in 2019.

5. Plant-based foods will continue into 2019

Incorporating plant-based foods into the daily diets is easier said than done. Therefore, this food trend will be crossing over the invisible boundary from 2018 to 2019. Trends such as Meatless Monday or Flexitarian when you go dairy-free or meat-free will see a bright welcome.

These are great ways to incorporate more plant-based foods to your diet throughout the say. Mintel’s Protein Report shows that only 31% of the consumers participated in meat—free days one in a week. So, it only makes sense if this trend continues on the next year.

6. Non-dairy sources of milk will become more popular

You may have already noticed how prominent milk from non-diary sources has become. For instance, almond milk, coconut milk, and so on have warmed several people. These are anticipated to become a stable trend in 2019. Besides, oat milk is going to trend a lot.

It is praised for its dairy-free and nut-free nature. On top of that, it can also be gluten-free depending on where the oats are processed. Oat milk is also being loved for its texture, which is creamier than most of its counterparts.

Plus, it has more protein than nut milks and more fiber as well. This adds bonus points to its favor. There is another plus here too. Those who are allergic to lactose can also enjoy this milk as it does not come from dairy sources.

7. The battle between cold brew lovers and anti-cold brewers will become real

Lots of people have warmly welcomed cold brew coffee. It’s smooth texture, hints of chocolate, and sweetness are all well-appreciated. As a result, cold brew coffee is expected to become more widespread in 2019.

Manufacturers are now starting to deliver more consistency when it comes to the cold brew. This is why these are being delivered in kegs to bars, coffeehouses, and restaurants. However, some coffee lovers are striking back, saying that the cold brew doesn’t extract the distinctive flavors of good coffee.

This anti-cold brewers’ movement is predicted to gain momentum with strong arguments coming from both sides. One study has even concluded that there are more antioxidants present in the traditional coffee than the cold brew.

8. Marijuana will become mainstream

As marijuana becomes legal in different areas of North America, it will become increasingly common among the masses. There will be a big shift from beers and soda to marijuana and hemp drinkables.

This growth in the consumption trend is related to CBD or Cannabidiol from hemp, which can help alleviate pain. This does not relate to the THC compound present that is present in marijuana leaves, which can leave you feeling high.

The mainstreaming is expected to be slow with early adopters being millennials, followed by vegetarians and vegans. Lastly, the wellness crowd and Wall Streeter jump onto the trend bandwagon.

9. Good-for-health desserts will also rise

Sweetened superfoods, in different varieties, are popping up and being welcomed by menus and store shelves. These constitute good-for-you dessert. An example is The Hummus and Pita Co.’s dessert hummus, which is sweetened with cookie dough and chocolate.

It also contains gluten-free alfajores. Such similar mashups will continue to show up in 2019. Guests can assemble their own concoctions or choose from the curated mixups.

10. Lab-grown meat will also gain popularity

Although plant-based diets will continue to be a trend in 2019, motherless meat will also gain popularity. Instead of eating meat in the traditional style, people will switch to the consumption of lab-grown meat that contains more protein.

What happens is that a cell or a few are taken from the animal without killing it. Then, the cell is bred on a large scale. This is a good way to eliminate slaughterhouses and reduce greenhouse gases consumption.

11. Gut healthy foods will reign

Research highlights that a healthy gut sets the base of overall wellness. Therefore, the trend of gut healthy foods for improved health will grow into 2019. The main aim is to improve the bacterial population in the gut.

Our gut is home to both good and bad bacteria. It is essential that the population of the bacteria remains in favor of the good bacteria. Several gut and digestive issues arise when the numbers of the harmful bacteria go down. Plus, a disturbed microbiome can also weaken the immune system that, in turn, can culminate in declined immunity and increased risk of several diseases.

Source: 11 Food And Drink Trends That Are Going To Top The Charts in 2019 – Herald of Fashion