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Red Lady

As the sun finally emerges from behind the clouds, ready-to-drink cocktail makers are rolling out new products to sip in the sunshine. Check out this gallery for two new canned cocktails from Post Meridiem, a line of desert waters from Madre Mezcal and new product formats from Red Lady and Corsair Distillery.

Red Lady Rum Punch launched its signature cocktail in 12 oz. ready-to-drink cans in the U.S. The drink itself is a mix between a Rum Runner and Sangria and contains pineapple and cranberry juices. The new cans will soon be available direct-to-consumer for a suggested retail price of $14.99. For more information, visit

Post Meridiem

Post Meridiem Spirits expanded its ready-to-drink lineup with the launch of two new cocktails: The Modern Classic Cosmopolitan (54 proof) and The London Dry Southside (52 proof). The former features vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice and orange curacao, while the latter is crafted with gin, cane simple syrup and a hint of mint. For more information, visit

Black Infusions

Massachusetts-based infused vodka maker Black Infusions entered the ready-to-drink category with its newest release, the Dirty Shirley. The new drink, a playful boozy take on the beloved Shirley Temple, is crafted with dark cherry vodka infused with cherries. Black Infusions Dirty Shirley (6.9% ABV) will soon be available in single 12 oz. cans and in 4-packs for $13.99. For more information, visit

Beacon Beverages

Beacon Beverages is hoping to make a splash in the ever-growing functional beverage scene with the launch of Beacon Functional Cocktails. The new SKUs – the vodka-based Moscow Mule and the rum-based Mai Tai – are reportedly the first alcoholic beverages to contain hovenia dulcis, a plant known for relieving hangovers and improving how the body metabolizes alcohol. The Beacon Beverage Functional Cocktail Variety 6-pack is rolling out to store shelves in New Jersey and northern Washington State. For more information, visit

Madre Mezcal

Mexico-based artisanal mezcal brand Madre Mezcal unveiled its line of Desert Waters. The new lineup “serves as an introduction to new mezcal drinkers that might otherwise be intimidated by the spirit while also appealing to mezcal lovers with a new format,” according to the brand. Each 12 oz. can (5% ABV) features mezcal, water, and fruit in addition to natural functional ingredients such as adaptogenic mushrooms and anti-inflammatory herbs. Madre Desert Water will soon be available in Original, Prickly Pear & Lemon, Grapefruit & Yerba Santa and Mushroom, Sage & Honey varieties for $40.99 per 8-pack. For more information, visit

Half Past X Play Nice

Half Past hard seltzer teamed up with Chicago-based vodka brand Play Nice to debut a new line of sparkling ready-to-drink cocktails. The 3-SKU lineup consists of Ruby Red Sea, Garden Party, and Secco Spritz. All three flavors (5% ABV) contain 120 to 130 calories and are available for $4 to $6 per 12 oz. can. For more information, visit

Fishers Island Variety Pack

Fishers Island Lemonade rolled out a new format just in time for summer: Fisher’s Island Lemonade Variety Pack. Arriving on the heels of the brand’s first-ever line extensions, the new variety pack includes four cans of Fishers Island Lemonade Original (9% ABV) and two cans each of Fishers Spiked Tea (7% ABV) and Fishers Pink Flamingo (7% ABV). The complete Fishers Island Lemonade portfolio is available direct-to-consumer nationwide. For more information, visit

Corsair Distillery

Corsair Distillery unveiled a new size offer for its flagship products: The Mini Can. The new 100 ml trial size cans – available in Triple Smoke American Whiskey, Dark Rye American Malt Whiskey, American Gin and Barreled Gin varieties – are designed to enable “consumers to try their products on a small scale before going all in on a full bottle.” Corsair Distillery Mini Cans are available for $3.99 to $4.99 each. For more information, visit

Melograno Cocktails

Newcomer Melograno Cocktails debuted its first-ever line of RTD cocktails. The 4-SKU lineup consists of the Pomegranate Cosmopolitan, Orange Blossom Martini, Meloni Margarita and Cucumber Lime Mojito. All four flavors (5% ABV) contain 120 calories and 5 grams of sugar per 12 oz. can. The cans feature artwork designed “beautifully enough to carry around like a stylish accessory,” according to the brand. Melograno Cocktails ready-to-drink cans are available online and in-store for $19.99 per 12-pack. For more information, visit

Sagamore Spirit

Maryland-based distillery Sagamore Spirit announced the national launch of its ready-to-drink cocktails in three new flavors: Pineapple Ryegarita, Honey Paloma and Lemon Tea Fizz. Each recipe was specifically “developed to showcase the best of Maryland-style rye,” according to the brand. The three cocktails range from 7% to 8% ABV and are sold together in a 6-can variety pack as well as in single-flavor 4-packs. For more information, visit

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