Yellow peas are milk’s future

By September 14, 2017Beverage trends, Dairy

In recent years, alternative sources of milk have begun to disrupt the dairy industry, from soy to almond to rice. The latest contender for space in American refrigerators is milk made from yellow peas.

In 2015, sales of dairy milk decreased by 7 per cent (US$17.8 billion), and are projected to fall an additional 11 per cent through 2020, according to market intelligence agency Mintel. Meanwhile, Bloomberg has reported that almond milk sales rose 250 per cent from 2011 to 2015.

But there are barriers to mainstream adoption: Soy milk can taste chalky, and soy beans are notorious for being genetically modified. Almond milk, despite its high-protein reputation, has only one-eighth the protein of dairy milk and requires huge amounts of water to produce. Rice milk has a pleasant enough flavour but is also low in protein.

Source: Yellow peas are milk’s future, at least for one Silicon Valley startup