Why functional foods have a healthy prognosis

By September 19, 2017Food trends

As consumers want their food to make them healthier, more products touting benefits appear on store shelves and analysts forecast a CAGR of 6.53% in the U.S.

Stroll through any large grocery outlet or specialty store — or go online to any food product site — and there is likely to be an array of protein powders, energy drinks, power bars, probiotics, vitamin water and calcium-fortified beverages to maintain bone health.

These products are enriched or enhanced with nutrients, phytochemicals, botanicals or dietary supplements, and they are known in the industry as functional foods.

Functional foods are defined as those having a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition and are meant to do more than simply meet daily nutrient requirements — they can also play a role in reducing the risk of disease and promoting good health.

Source: Why functional foods have a healthy prognosis | Food Dive