Who’s Ready for Pink ‘Sparkling’ Milk?

By September 27, 2017Beverage trends, Dairy

In today’s extremely competitive beverage market, you essentially have two options to make your product succeed: add bubbles, or add booze. Carbonate some water, and people will commemorate it with works of art. Make root beer alcoholic, and it’s no longer a grandpa drink. Since most people frown upon the idea of children guzzling “hard” milk, a dairy company in the U.K. has wisely gone the carbonation route, the Telegraph reports. To pump up nosediving milk sales, Arla — one of Britain’s largest producers, owned by some 12,500 farmers — is going to start making the “sparkling fruit and milk” drink you’ve begged for since, well, never.

Source: Who’s Ready for Pink ‘Sparkling’ Milk?