We’re getting our pets addicted to junk food

By September 25, 2017Pet & feed

Sales of dog and cat treats have raced past sales of actual pet food over the past five years, according to new Mintel research. Pet snacks spiked 29% since 2012, hitting $4.39 billion this year. Meanwhile, dog food sales nosed up 8%, and cat food sales climbed 11% during the same time frame. And almost half of owners (47%) give their pets treats every day. It looks like our fur babies are following in our footsteps. Americans are snacking more than ever, with those noshing between meals two to three times a day increasing from 50% in 2015 to 55% this year. And millennials are the most serious noshers feeding the $90 billion global snack industry, with 1 in 4 treating themselves four times a day – or more.

Source: We’re getting our pets addicted to junk food