Vote for the flavour that represents the Winnipeg Jets

By April 8, 2018Canada, Flavour, Interesting

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The 2018 NHL playoffs have begun & there are only two Canadian teams that have made it. In their honour, the Novotaste flavour team has proposed several flavour profiles inspired by the Winnipeg Jets (view Toronto Maple Leafs-inspired flavours). Like many of the unique Novotaste flavours, these particular creations were inspired by a variety of things (shown below). Personalizing flavour profiles is both fun & challenging. It is key to being able to tell a great story (from a marketing point of view) & it can bring your product to a whole other sensorial level.

Let us know which flavour profile best represents the Winnipeg Jets. Based on these results, we will formulate a 100% natural flavour that can be customized for most applications.

History behind the name

After the Atlanta Thrashers franchise was sold and relocated to Winnipeg for the 2011-12 season, fans chose to stick with the name of the franchise that had moved to Phoenix in 1996 rather than call it Falcons or the Manitoba Moose (the name used by the American Hockey League team then playing in Winnipeg). However, the team colors and logo were changed.

The original Jets were a former WHA team; their owner, Ben Hatskin, reportedly was a fan of the NFL’s New York Jets. The team retained its name when it entered the NHL from the WHA in 1979. A major junior team based in Winnipeg began play in 1967 and used the name Jets through the 1972-73 season, then changed to Clubs and later Monarchs to distinguish itself from the WHA team (