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By July 19, 2018Food trends, Vegan

Plant-based foods are currently dominating the industry as retailers and suppliers work to create more innovative products. Vegan food not only appeals to those who abide by that specific lifestyle, but to vegetarians, flexitarians, and those who wish to reduce their meat intake. In response to this growing food trend, Hydrosol, a company specializing in food texture and stability, has released the Sundog.

Sundog is an all-in-one compound that Hydrosol has been developing that is going to revolutionize the vegan sausage game. It is comprised of plant-derived protein from sunflowers and peas and will be the first soy and gluten-free alternative out there.

Product manager at Hydrosol, Florian Bark, explains that sunflower-based proteins are completely new to the market. He also says that “It’s based on sunflower flour with high protein content, which we make by a special process during oil pressing.”

This compound has the potential to not only be used in vegan hotdogs and sausages, but also in milk alternatives. It will also address the group of consumers that have allergies to soy and gluten and have been missing out on a lot of these products. They are also free of nitrates and phosphates and do not contain flavor enhancers.

According to Hydrosol, the final product has a real bite and texture, with a lovely flavor profile and a slight hint of sunflower. It also smokes very well when cooked on the grill.

The future of plant-based meats is structured around a determination to create unique and innovative alternatives.

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Lead Image Source: Homemade Spicy Italian Sausage/One Green Planet 

Source: Hydrosol Releases Vegan Compound for Sausages with Sunflower and Pea Protein – One Green Planet