Understanding the Growing Impact of Veganism

By September 21, 2017Vegan

With increasing percentages of our population finding relatively and arguably ‘healthier’ methods of living such as veganism and vegetarian diets over the past few years, to what extent will animal and animal-tested products be impacted?

Veganism is a growing lifestyle choice whereby people actively avoid the cruelty and exploitation of animals. This ranges from avoiding consumption of certain foods such as meat, milk, and cheese, or abstaining from wearing clothing or products with traces of animal cruelty; such as animal skinning or animal testing. The number of vegans has increased substantially by 350% over the past decade, whilst Google searches for the word ‘vegan’ rose by 90% from 2016 to 2017. Vegans/Vegetarians are now not only being strict on their diets and preferring plant-based products and meat-free foods, however many are now researching the companies they buy from and essentially understanding how ethical these businesses are.

Source: Understanding the Growing Impact of Veganism – The Market Mogul