7-Eleven, Inc. has zeroed in on two limited-time new flavors that promise to be big players with those thirsty for sugar-free Slurpee® drink options. While named Rise and Shine, the two Glaceau vitaminwater zero sugar flavors can be enjoyed morning, noon and night. The Rise flavor is a citrusy orange, and Shine is a refreshing strawberry lemonade. Both are available exclusively at participating 7-Eleven® stores.

Both exclusive new Slurpee flavors include vitamins B3, B6 and B12, and contain no sugar. A 20-ounce serving has just 50 calories.

The first sugar-free Glaceau vitaminwater Slurpee flavors – Fire and Chill – were immediate success stories when introduced in 2019, winning with customers for taste and awards for innovation. Chill, an on-trend blueberry lavender flavor, was the best-selling sugar-free Slurpee drink in more than two years. Fire and Chill also were cited by Convenience Store News as one of the reasons for selecting 7-Eleven for its Cold Beverage Innovator of the Year award in 2019.

While beverage flavor trends may come and go, citrus is a forever favorite. For consumers who prefer better-for-you options, citrus remains the top flavor preference, especially for non-alcoholic beverages, according to a recent study referenced in Beverage Industry magazine.

“Vitaminwater was an instant hit on the Slurpee machine last year, so much so that we immediately began talking with Glaceau about what we could give our customers next,” said Jawad Bisbis, vice president of proprietary beverages. “I think vitaminwater Slurpee Zero drinks are gaining a real following, and the new flavors will prove even more popular.”

Flavored Glacéau vitaminwater is sold chilled in bottles at participating 7-Eleven stores, where it’s a top-seller among flavored waters.

Source: Rise and Shine, Slurpee® Fans