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By October 5, 2018Chocolate, Flavour trends

The Chocolate & Coffee Show is on this weekend. Ahead of the event, we enlisted our Trial and Error panel to test some of the more unusual chocolate offerings artisans will be showcasing at the event.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word chocolate?

Cake? Ice cream? Curry …? If that last one doesn’t strike a chord with you, you’re not alone.

This week our Trial and Error taste testers Gracie Taylor and Cam Mansell took on a blind taste test challenge, sampling some of the most unique chocolate blends being showcased at this year’s Chocolate & Coffee Show.

Having no idea what flavour they were trying, our duo had to eat the entire confection before each bizarre flavour was revealed.

Were they put off chocolate for life or introduced to some unusual but delicious new flavour combinations?


Mango Cardamom – Schoc chocolates

Gracie described this as a “warm mouthy spice” with a cream egg filling.

She guessed this one was ginger marmalade with a cream cheese filling – and she wasn’t too far off.

Mango cardamom.

Raspberry and Pink Peppercorn Caramel – Honest Chocolat

Gracie and Cam found themselves “salivating” as soon as this delicious morsel touched their lips. With Gracie describing the sensation as “a lot of mouth feel”.

Cam pretty much nailed it with his guess of “raspberry toffee stick with…. pepper!”

Raspberry and pink peppercorn caramel.

Carrot and Coriander – Schoc Chocolates

Gracie immediately got a strong “curry flavour” from this herbaceous number.

Cam, however, wasn’t so sure. Instead he decided the taste was a little, well … soapy.

Cam and Gracie were shocked to find out this little number contained carrot, though the coriander taste came through strongly in the end.

Carrot and Corriander.

Tequila Lime and Salt – Schoc Chocolates

Gracie was digging the heart shape and “Rasta” colours on these cute chocolates. But both panellists couldn’t quite pick what the thick and creamy filling was.

Cam said the intensity of the white chocolate made it hard to distinguish what exactly was inside. His guess: maybe pâté?

Tequila “experts” Gracie and Cam were shocked to learn their Saturday night shot of choice was in fact hidden inside this cute love heart choccie.

Tequilla and lime with salt.

Fennel Seed Chocolate Bon Bon – Honest Chocolat

Cam was a fan of the look of this “big blue marble” chocolate and guessed it might be filled with chocolate mousse.

Our taste testers found the dark chocolate very rich and dense. They wondered if the flavour might be coffee.

Cam was a fan regardless, declaring “blue balls for the win”.

Fennel seed and dark chocolate bon bon.

Curry and Poppadom – Schoc Chocolates

Having already sensed a curry note, you would think Gracie might have had this one in the bag.

However, the pair declared with great confidence it was, in fact, rosemary.

It was not.

Curry and popadom.

Final verdict

While going in blind left the pair with pretty confused palates, once they were told what was in the chocolates, the flavour combinations all made a lot more sense.

Of the unique offerings, Gracie decided the Tequila Lime and Salt chocolate was the most delectable, while Cam’s mouth was still watering over the Raspberry Pink Peppercorn Caramel stick.

Source: Trial and Error: Are these the strangest chocolate flavours in New Zealand?

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