Trendy flavors for Christmas 2018

By August 29, 2018Flavour trends, Novotaste

As we edge closer towards 2019, the Novotaste team has come up with three categories of flavours for Christmas, New Years & the cold winter months that follow. The popular types consist of traditional North American favourites. The trendy category is composed of newer flavour profiles that could possibly become traditional favorites of the future. Lastly, our risqué category has a variety of internationally influenced profiles &/or  the fusion of several trendy flavours adapted for Christmas.

Trendy, Deconstructed & Reformulated Christmas Flavour Favourites | 2019

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White peppermint & vanilla

Hazelnut & cream


Hot chocolate & roasted marshmallows


Pumpkin & spice

Butter tart

Sugar plum

Candy cane

Homestyle donuts


Mulled apple cider & spices

Shortbread cookies

Fruit cake


Anis & clove

Butternut squash


Ginger danish

Raspberry truffle

Cinnamon & coconut pie

Orange & clove

Roasted pears & spice

Peanut butter caramel

Nanaimo cake

Toffee & cream

Anis & lemon

Salted caramel

Bourbon apple crisp pie

50 year old Rum & raisin

Carrot cake icecream

Frosted coconut

Gin, cloves & bitter orange

Salted praline brioche

Figgy pudding


Sriracha & mint

Pandan Cappuccino

Hot spiced wine or gin (containing no alcohol)

Saffron, apple & cranberry maple syrup

Peppered pickles & vanilla

Lavender & hibiscus pomegranate sauce

Chocolate, dates & honey

Olive oil & truffle salted caramel

Ube coconut candy cane

Smoked raspberry & sea buckthorn jam

Soy sauce & pineapple crème brûlée

North pole Turkish tea

Santa’s mocktail

Butter, rum & blueberry tart

Cherry latte

Cranberry & chocolate chip cookie dough

Christmas hard sauce

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