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By July 10, 2019Beverage trends
One of the latest trends in beverage is a natural fit for fresh produce — mocktails. The Washington Post and the New York Times are among mainstream media outlets that have recently examined the trend of “sober curious” or “mindful drinking.” A main thrust behind these movements is society’s growing emphasis on health and wellness.

Of course, no one wants to be deprived of exotic beverage choices just because they’re eschewing alcohol, so mocktails are becoming more common on menus, even in the most casual of settings. Sonic recently released a line of mocktail slushes — Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri and The Reaper Spicy Margarita. Beverage companies are also exploring alcohol-free options.

Google Trends shows that interest in mocktails is at its highest point in years, and that means opportunities for retailers.

There are no shortage of mocktail recipes online, so find some easy ones and cross-merchandise accordingly. Delish has a list of 17 recipesthat look, well, delicious, and all of them include fruit.

You could use mocktail photos and recipe cards strategically in a couple places in the produce department, perhaps ideally on Thursdays and Fridays as people do their last-minute shopping for weekend get-togethers, and you could place a secondary citrus display near the juice.

As it is summer, you could even sample some mocktail recipes near the called-for ingredients in the produce department.

Booze-free beverages might not appeal to everyone, but plenty of folks will have heard about the trend and be interested in giving it a try, so you might as well be the one to sell them the ingredients to do so.

Source: Trend Alert — Mocktails | Produce Retailer