Top wacky and weird food trends for 2018

By February 8, 2018Flavour trends, Food trends

Food never goes out of fashion, but there’s always something new we become obsessed with – from avocado toast to cactus juice.

But what are this year’s foodie next big things?

Here’s all you need to know about the weird and wacky food trends that you will see plenty of in 2018.

The first trend of the year comes from café culture, where people are now drinking their java juice out of hollowed-out carrots instead of cups.

The ‘carrot-cino’ is following in the footsteps of the ‘avo-latte’ (coffee in a carved-out avocado) which was something that attempted to take-off last year – unsuccessfully.

It all began at a little café in Australia called Locals Corner and the idea has spread worldwide.

The eco-friendly idea saves on washing up, but it is slightly impractical, with the possibility of leaks and accidental flavourings added to the coffee.

It may be a little cold for ice cream at the moment, but as summer approaches, we will all be thinking of the cold stuff.

With the supermarket freezer shelves already including dairy-free, vegan ice-cream options and low-calorie frozen desserts, we may by leaving behind our traditional favourites like vanilla and raspberry ripple.

There’s avocado flavour and green tea – and you can also get creamed sweetcorn ice cream with cheddar cheese.

The Cooking Channel website has recently released some recipes on how to create your own wacky ice cream.

Flavours include brown butter bacon, olive oil, balsamic caramel, goat’s cheese or curry and mint.

Watch as the year unfolds with even crazier ice cream flavours!

Next up, we have a healthy meat substitute – heme (a Greek word pronounced ‘heem’).

This could be a ground-breaking new product that food scientists are going mad for.

It’s a plant-based food that ‘bleeds’ beet juice, which is meant to make it look like steak cooked rare.

The unusual food is currently on offer in America, but will soon be available to buy online and could be on offer in the UK this year.

Source: This year’s top wacky and weird food trends