Top Healthy Food Trends Of 2017

By December 20, 2017Food trends

It’s fun to look back on the new foods that permeated wellness culture over the past year. We asked some of the best R.D.s and wellness experts in the country to share their favorite trend of the year. Here are their picks:

1. CBD-infused chocolate.

I loved the trend of CBD-infused foods, especially chocolate. CBD is becoming more mainstream, and its powerful anti-inflammatory properties turn an ordinary “treat” into something functional.

2. Mindful eating.

My favorite trend of 2017 was that mindful eating became important and “cool.” While eating mindfully is mental, it can have real physical effects and can help people lose weight and achieve their health and wellness goals. I just hope that this is a trend that’s here to stay because it is such an important component of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Collagen.

I was super excited about collagen peptides this year. I really love the versatility of this protein powder, not to mention that it helps to improve gut health and the integrity of hair, skin, and nails. My favorite factor is that it’s virtually taste-free, so it’s undetectable in smoothies, drinks, soups, tea, and more!

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4. Adaptogens.

With the overuse of modern medications to deal with the effects of stress, it’s nice to have less-toxic alternatives available. Adaptogenic herbs have been in use for thousands of years across centuries and cultures, which strengthens the evidence for their use. Some of their many qualities include boosting the immune system, increasing endurance, increasing mental focus, and relieving anxiety.

5. Coconut yogurt.

I’m OBSESSED with coconut yogurt. In general, I love that we are embracing full-fat yogurt! Not only is this food loaded with probiotics, but it’s also a super-satisfying treat.

6. Veggie noodles.

My favorite healthy food trend of 2017 is hands down spiralizing EVERYTHING! I’m all about zucchini, cucumbers, squash, and literally anything else that I can turn into a noodle! You don’t have to just replace traditional spaghetti and red sauce with veggie noodles—it’s fun to get creative with them and try new things. For instance, baking squash noodles or using cinnamon and maple syrup to make a sweet side dish are some of my favorites.

7. Globally inspired flavors.

I am beyond excited by the trend toward a more global world cuisine. There is so much we can learn about one another through the offering of food. Food has the amazing capacity to build bridges instead of walls. Beyond the warmth of sharing of cultural perspective, many of these foods are full of healing spices and invite us to eat things that we might normally overlook such as beans and whole intact grains. Two dishes that I am particularly excited about are this earthy chicken chickpea stew and congee.

8. Instant Pot.

My favorite healthy food trend has got to be the surge of the Instant Pot. I love that people are getting back in the kitchen making old-fashioned meals like soups and stews with the aid of this super-fast appliance that has changed my life. As a busy mom, I love how I can come home from work and whip up a slow-cooked meal like pulled pork or beef stew in less than an hour.

9. Turmeric lattes.

My favorite healthy food trend this year was the golden/turmeric milk lattes. I love the health benefits that turmeric brings, and it is a cozy, caffeine-free option when you don’t want coffee or tea.

10. Community gardens.

My favorite healthy food trend this year has been the rise in backyard and community gardening. A recent statistic reveals that 35 percent of all households in America, nearly 42 million households, are growing food at home or in a community garden, which is up overall by 17 percent in the past five years. This is great news, as growing our own food has significant health benefits as well as environmental benefits as well.

Source: These Were The Top 10 Healthy Food Trends Of 2017