What started out as a trend has now become a real movement. Clearly, consumer’s desire for clean label products is here to stay and grow. Is this the dawn of a new era for food manufacturers?

As digitization has become an integral part of our daily lives, consumers increasingly turn to the Internet to better understand the ingredients included in the products that they want to purchase. Gone are the days when companies could convert consumers to buy the products they marketed. Today, food manufacturers need to respond to consumer’s demands.

Food manufacturers are, therefore, facing new product development challenges as they work to meet consumer’s expectations. Formulating a truly clean label product without compromising taste, authenticity and shelf life can be a daunting task.

Understand the needs and expectations of the different generations

To understand why your targeted consumer chooses clean label products, you need to understand the driving reasons that encourage them towards this change:

  • Millennials are the driving force of the exponential growth of clean label claims. They are obsessed with food and good, healthy food makes them happy.
  • Generation X is mostly concerned about pricing. They still rely mainly on word of mouth and they frequently buy products that are on sale, whether they are clean label, healthy, natural or not.
  • The majority of Boomers choose clean label, as well, but for a different reason than Millennials. They are primarily driven to make food choices based on health issues that are relevant to them as they age.

Source: CCC Ingredients