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Chocolate is something that is loved by all of us from childhood no matter how old we grow. And for all those who have a great liking for sweet tasting foods, it is nothing less than an epitome of heaven. The chocolate confectionery industry is one such industry that is not limited by age; so, the growth of this industry is unlimited and promising. In fact, the industry has shown a stable growth for more than a decade now. Manufacturers in this sector continue to transform around the flavors and texture, this is one of the reasons why innovative chocolate confectionaries are always on the top of food trends charts. Infiniti has listed the top 5 chocolate confectionery industry trends for 2018.

?Factors like the growing number of consumers who are interested and more than willing to give even the most outrageous innovations in the food industry are fueling the growth,? says an industry expert.

Dessert as an ingredient: Chocolate is always being used as an ingredient in desserts, but desserts being used as an ingredient in chocolate confectionery is new. From crepes to cr?me brul?e and tiramisu ?a whole other range of desserts is gradually becoming popular flavors. Beyond baked desserts, we are also seeing things like milkshakes and ice cream flavored chocolates being launched. The German company Kaoka has created an organic dark chocolate with buttery crispy cr?pes Citrus flavors: Manufacturers are progressively experimenting with types of citrus flavors other than the generally used orange flavor in chocolate confectionery. Certainly, in the past year, the number of chocolate products flavored with lemon has increased, globally. And beyond simply lemon, we are seeing more complex variations ? products with lemon, yogurt, and pepper, or with lemon oil. For example, Gepa The Fair-Trade Company in Germany has launched a white organic yogurt chocolate bar with lemon zest and pepper. To know more about this engagement, Vegetables and chocolate: A wonderful mismatch of vegetables in chocolates is one of the fascinating food trends to watch out for. Though still in the niche stage, chocolate confectionery launches in Asia (especially in China) comprising vegetables are slowly gaining traction. Chocolate covered pretzels, potato chips, and popcorn are some of the commonly seen innovations in this category. In Japan, for example, Mujirushi Ryohin has launched the ?Purple Sweet Potato Chocolate?, with purple potato paste and white chocolate. , to know more about the top chocolate confectionery industry trends for 2018

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