• Arnott’s Tim Tam has released a limited edition flavour of dark chocolate chilli
  • It was previously available in 2014 and customers asked for it to return
  • From October 7 Australia’s major supermarkets will stock the $3.65 packet
  • It’s made with two dark chocolate biscuits sandwiched between chilli cream
  • The makers of Tim Tam have not said how long the biscuits will be on the shelves

Arnott’s has released a limited edition dark chocolate chilli Tim Tam flavour after customers campaigned for the spicy biscuit to return.

It was originally available to customers in the 90s but disappeared off supermarket shelves in 2014, much to spice lovers dismay.

A Facebook group was created in August 2015 called ‘Bring Back Arnott’s Chilli Tim Tams’ and a number of people had written on the brand’s social media page, saying they missed the ‘kick and spice of chilli alongside the smooth and rich consistency of chocolate’.

It consists of two crunchy dark chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a rich chocolate and chilli flavoured cream, covered in Tim Tam dark chocolate.

‘Aussies love Tim Tam biscuits and although they cherish the classics, they always get fired up for indulgent, new flavours,’ Tim Tam marketing manager Matt Grant said.

‘To bring dark choc chilli to life, we have been expertly crafting with our master bakers the perfect combination of a heat sensation and our decadent, rich dark choc.

Source: Tim Tam releases a limited edition CHILLI dark chocolate biscuit