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By September 17, 2018Bakery, Flavour

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What could be better than the sweet, succulent durian fruit? Durian Mooncakes!

Duria just launched their Musang King Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake in Malaysia , as well as six other unique durian-infused flavours of mooncake. Durian lovers rejoice!1744Image via SAYS

It’s that time of the year again where we can see mooncakes flying off the shelves – and these mooncakes are sure to impress anyone! Duria’s Musang King Snow Skin Mooncake has won the top Durian Mooncake sales record in China for five consecutive years, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they’re the most popular ones here this year.

Duria mooncakes are filled with 100% durian flesh, so it’s like eating durian without the thorns. The flavour is rich and thick. Plus points for being halal certified for our Muslim friends.A79eImage via SAYS

The original durian mooncakes come in a box of six, and retails for RM138. They’d make the perfect present for any durian lover, that is, if you can resist eating them yourself!F725Image via SAYS

Duria has also created the Pandora Gift Box, with six different durian-combined snow skin mooncake flavours63c2Image via SAYS

The six flavours are Vanillin Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake, Carbon Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake, Mango Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake, Coffee Durian Snowy Skin Mooncake, Blueberry Cheese Snowy Skin Mooncake, and Strawberry Cheese Snowy Skin Mooncake. We bet you drooled just reading that.

While it sounds unconventional, the blueberry cheese and durian flavours complement each other really well. Who knew?E29eImage via SAY

The Coffee Durian Snow Skin Moon was definitely a winning combo. It’s the mooncake version of the tiramisu!4e82Image via SAYS

The Strawberry Cheese Snowy Skin Mooncake was also a crowd pleaser. Imagine the refreshing strawberries with dense durian – yum!

6d78Image via SAYS

Want to try these durian mooncakes for yourself or buy them for some loved ones?4695Image via SAYSDuria mooncakes are exclusively sold online here.

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Source: This Company Sells Blueberry Cheese Durian Mooncake And Other Unique Durian Combinations

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