The scent of whisky is captured in a candle | Scottish Field

By January 19, 2019Flavour, Health and hygiene

There’s something special about the smell of a whisky.

It captures a moment in time – it can take you back to where you first tried a favourite dram, or conjour up images in the mind, as it bombards your senses as it passes over your taste buds.

But there’s something new for 2019 from Angels Share Glass – a selection of five regionally influenced Scotch Whisky notes candles.

A spokesman said: ‘Enjoy the aromas of the famous Scotch Whisky regions in your own home with our new regional Scotch Whisky scented candles.

‘All five variations are influenced by the notes most commonly found in the Scotch single malt whiskies from that region.

‘When we selected the combinaton of scents for each region we focussed specifically on the aromas detected in Scotch whisky instead of seeking the actual scent of Whisky, enabling you to enjoy the nosing notes of a whisky every time you light the candle.’

Each candle is hand poured in Scotland, made from 100% Soya Wax and have a burn time of over 22 hours.

The scents are:

Speyside: apple, pear and cinnamon;

Highland: heather, fruit cake, apple;

Lowland: cut grass, nutmeg, honeysuckle;

Islay: tobacco, oak, woodland flowers;

Campbeltown: marine, sea salt, wood smoke.

Source: The scent of whisky is captured in a candle – Scottish Field