The Rise of Boozy Ice Cream Trend

By October 12, 2017Dairy

On a hot summer afternoon in Austin, Texas, the line at the Prohibition Creamery ice cream shop and bar extends out the door, giving customers plenty of time to decide on their order. Flavors of the day are written on the chalkboard behind the counter, and today’s list of classic flavors includes Cheesecake with Graham Swirl and Cookie Dough, while the list of “boozy flavors” features Bourbon, Mezcal Vanilla, and Sangria Sorbet. Most of the people in line are here for the boozy flavors.

And they’re the real deal: Prohibition Creamery’s signature Bourbon ice cream is made with Knob Creek, while its Tiramisu ice cream contains brandy, amaretto, and Patrón XO Cafe. A scoop won’t get you buzzed—unless, of course, you add a $5 pour-over shot of liquor—but you can taste the alcohol in the ice cream.

Prohibition Creamery is just one of the boozy ice cream “bar-lors” popping up all over the country that cater to consumers who want to combine their favorite childhood treat with their favorite adult treat.

Source: The Rise of Boozy Ice Cream Bar-lours | SevenFifty Daily