The next fad in doughnuts? Dawn Foods thinks it has it |

By January 17, 2020Food trends, Snack
Dawn unveiled its sourdough doughnut mix on Jan. 15.
JACKSON, MI – The latest trends in doughnuts have been wacky takes on flavors and toppings – from doughnuts coated in cereal or bacon to Irish stout doughnuts.

But Jackson-based Dawn Foods thinks the next big innovation isn’t going to be as much about flavors and toppings, but rather revolutionizing the texture.

The mashup of sourdough bread and yeast-raised doughnuts results in a buttery sourdough flavor with a soft, light and airy texture, according to a company news release.

Dawn, which sells doughnut mixes to bakeries worldwide, released the sourdough doughnut mix on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The idea was spurred from a 2019 doughnut competition at Dawn’s Innovation Studio in Jackson. Five pastry chefs from around the nation competed, creating new twists on doughnuts.

Nashville’s Mathew Rice won, with his sourdough doughnut creation.

“Sourdough seems to be a trend,” Rice said in an interview with Dawn. “I thought it would be really cool to try out making a doughnut and bring that flavor and acidity to a pastry that’s normally just super sweet and can be one-dimensional.”

Part of his inspiration came from a doughnut cheeseburger he once tried – in which the bun was a pair of doughnuts.

“It was really good because the doughnuts (weren’t) super sweet,” Rice said.

The sourdough doughnut has similar possibilities, he said, and is versatile enough to be used in sweet and savory offerings.

Dawn already has a few sourdough recipes for its customers to try out, like a jelly-filled sourdough doughnut, a glazed sourdough sweet roll and a sourdough doughnut stick – which is dipped in chocolate and coated with toppings like nuts, candy or coconut flakes.

With the mixes just becoming available, sourdough doughnuts aren’t available in Jackson-area bakeries yet, a company official said. And Dawn isn’t releasing the ideas from the other four chefs from the doughnut competition.

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