The Most Popular Candy of Every Decade

Halloween means Halloween candy—and while the world changes too quickly all around us, every day, we have a feeling this tradition will continue for years to come. Sorry, dentists! But we wondered: which candies have stood the test of time, too?

We went to the experts. Morris Cohen opened Economy Candy in Manhattan in 1937 after his candy cart (outside of his hat and shoe repair shop, naturally) started bringing in more money than the hats and shoes. Morris’ son, Jerry, took it over in the 80s, and now Jerry’s son Mitchell is in charge alongside his wife, Skye. Needless to say, the family has been in the candy business for a long time and know a thing or two about all that sweet stuff. I talked to Mitchell and Skye about trends over the years and the candies that were the most popular of their decade, though that’s hard to quantify for absolute certain, but these were the ones that were emblems of their era.

Source: The Most Popular Candy of Every Decade