The Physalis peruviana plant, which has its origin in Peru, grows a fruit. It has many regional names, but it is commonly referred to as a cape gooseberry, pichu berry or goldenberry. The history of physalis cultivation in South America can be traced to the Inca.

The fruits are round, about the size of a large blueberry, but with a golden yellow colour. The golden berry is often confused with ground cherries, since they look very similar. They are tart & grainy, similar to a cherry tomatoes. However, the flavour is reminiscent of something tropical, with a slight savoury side. Three different descriptions of its flavour profile have been found (below) & many more are exist:

“Cape gooseberries have a sweet-tart flavor that is reminiscent of a cherry tomato crossed with tangy notes of pineapple, mango, vanilla, strawberry, and Meyer lemon”.

“Slightly smaller than cherry tomatoes, these fruits have a sweet, tropical taste somewhat reminiscent of pineapple and mango. Many people enjoy their juicy pop of flavor as a snack or in salads, sauces and jams”.

“Golden berries can have a taste that’s anywhere from tart to sweet, but most of the varieties you can buy at farmer’s markets have a taste that can be described as a mildly acidic combination of a tomato and pineapple”.

To formulate representations of this unique flavour, the Novotaste R&D team first conducted sensory & analytical experiments of the fruit’s aroma volatiles. These results were used in conjunction with literature to formulate a variety of golden berry flavour profiles.

Two different flavour profiles:
  • Natural golden berry flavour (authentic type) | An intricate blend of tropical flavours with savory notes | Ideal for baking applications as well as for sauces, dressings & confectionery applications.
  • Natural golden berry flavour (fruity type) | A blend of pineapple & mango with subtle berry notes | Performs well in beverage, confectionery, baking, coffee/tea & dairy applications.
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