The Flavor of Coffee – Science Meets FoodScience Meets Food

By October 10, 2017Flavour, Food science, Novotaste

Like many folks all over the world, I start my mornings with a cup of coffee…or three. I’ve had a few cups that were phenomenal, and many cups that I choked down just so I could stay awake. I attribute my experiences to baristas being “good at making coffee” or good beans. But what makes coffee good or bad? Where does flavor really come from? Heads up! I mention Ritual Roasters of San Francisco a lot in this article. They were kind enough to metaphorically hold my hand through the whole research process. They even let me do a few cuppings (coffee tastings) with them. Growing: Like the coffee bean itself, flavor starts on the tree. In his book The World Atlas of Coffee, James Hoffman asserts that the quality of coffee peaks on the tree and that all further processing is with the goal of preserving as much of that quality as possible.6 However, that is not to say that eating a coffee bean off the tree will taste of coffee as we know it, […]

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