Tea Craze Refreshes Sales

The growing ready-to-drink tea segment is spurring more retailers to expand their cold vault selections while employing their own lines of flavorful, fresh-brewed teas.

It wasn’t that long ago that juice and tea beverages were being overshadowed by the hard-charging introduction of energy drinks, thirst-quenching ‘ades’ such as Powerade and Gatorade and the ever-evolving lines of bottled water, which continue to emerge.

However, a resurgence in ready-to-drink (RTD) ice tea brands such as Gold Peak—part of Coca-Cola’s RTD tea portfolio—and AriZona are bringing the forgotten segment back into focus. Now, c-stores are inundated with new and unique flavors, healthier ingredient profiles and effective marketing programs. As a result, tea and juice sales are on an upswing.

Source: Tea Craze Refreshes Sales