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Paradise Fruits by Jahncke launched a new “Taste of the East” range at Fi Europe 2019 along with a new higher fiber recipe with reduced sugar. From the show floor in Paris, France, FoodIngredientsFirst speaks with CEO Kurt Jahncke and Sales Director Richard Horsley about the company’s taste range inspired by Japan. The company also underscored a growing trend in healthy snacking and clean label with a product that never goes out of style – fruits and vegetables.

Flavors from Japan
The Taste of the East range takes its inspiration from Japan and meets a growing trend for Eastern flavors. Available in Mandarin & Yuzu, Lychee & Raspberry, Apple & Green Tea, Lime & Matcha Tea and Ginger & Plum, the range is available in a number of formats including irregularly cut granulates, standard granulates, fruit pastes and juice drops.

Jahncke says the flavor combinations were carefully chosen to earn repeat customers on introducing unfamiliar flavors to the market. “People like to have a superfood along with a better-known fruit. That’s why we chose fruit combinations that are exotic with something more identifiable such as lime and matcha,” he notes

Horsley adds that Japanese culture has been a focal point of attention following the World Cup and leading up to the Olympics. “There has been a lot of attention to the East and that’s where people have been picking up these flavors,” he says.

Healthy snacking
As the plant-based trend shows no sign of slowing down, the addition of fruits and vegetables in products draw attention from consumers for the added health benefits. The general trend is healthy snacking, according to Jahncke. “Fruits and vegetables have a health halo, and adding them can help products sell. If you’re looking for a convenient way to prepare smoothies, for example, a freeze-dried powder is the best way the best way to do it,” he comments.

Powders disperse more easily in water than air-dried powders and they often retain the original fruits’ vibrant color, taste, nutritional content. “Freeze-dried is at the top of quality and has a good cost per use,” explains Horsely.

With freeze-drying, manufacturers are able to say it’s made with real fruit on the label. “There is a powerful message in saying your product is 100 percent fruits and vegetables,” he continues. “Additionally, 24 g of freeze-dried fruits or vegetables in a snack qualifies as “one of your five-a-day.”In freeze-drying, the product is cleaned, frozen and then only the water is removed. Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables that retain their original shape attract consumers who can make the link between fresh fruit and vegetables and the freeze-dried version. Although the technology is not new, creating a simple product through freeze-drying is opening up new opportunities in shelf-stable, year-round fruit and vegetable healthy snacking.

The aware consumer who is looking for clean label products exists across all generations, although Jahncke notes that Generation Z is particularly prone to checking labels. “An ingredients list with one ingredient is unbeatable. You can’t get any cleaner than, ‘strawberries’ full stop,” he notes.

“Generally people like it because you have different spectrums of texture, something that’s nice and chewy, soft and crunchy at the same time,” Horsely adds.

Texture has shown a marked increase in importance for consumers. Innova Market Insights recently listed“Tapping into Texture” as a Top Ten Trend for 2020, with 45 percent of US and UK consumers being influenced by texture when purchasing a food or drink.

Jahncke hints that the company has some healthy snacking ideas in the pipeline. Paradise Fruits Solutions also showcased its higher fiber, lower sugar recipe, which reduces sugar when compared to standard fruit ingredients. Additionally, indulgent, chocolate-coated frozen fruits for applications in foodservice were showcased.

Source: “Taste of the East”: Paradise Fruits taps into Japanese flavors and healthy snacking at Fi Europe 2019