Seattle Gummy Company launches sports performance gummies. Power Up and Recover

By September 25, 2017Health and hygiene

Seattle Gummy Company (SGC), an R&D focused nutraceutical company, is launching a new product line called Energon Qube™. These performance gummies take sports nutrition to the next level. Combining advanced carbohydrate formulations with functional compounds, SGC’s Energon Qube™ products are designed to fuel the body and the mind for optimum performance.

Each product has a unique glycemic and functional profile to accommodate the performance objectives of active lifestyles. The first two products to be launched in the Energon Qube™ line are “Power Up,” a pre-workout product; and “Recover,” a post-workout product. Power Up combines complementary carbohydrates with fast and slow-release caffeine and herbs for fast-acting and sustained energy throughout your workout.

Source: Seattle Gummy Company launches sports performance gummies, Energon Qube™ Power Up and Recover | Markets Insider