Salty snacks with unique shapes, sizes and textures are gaining a presence on store shelves

According to Mintel/Lightspeed research, more people are joining the so-called super-snacker ranks (meaning they snack five times or more per day). The 16% of people Mintel deemed “less frequent snackers” indicated they are snacking more in 2017 than last year. According to Chicago-based IRI, salty snacks grew dollar sales 3.9% and units 3.4% in 2017 vs. 2016.

These days, salty, extruded snacks (such as Goldfish) and others are vying for a position in consumers’ snacking roster, which is seeing stiff competition from meat snacks and jerky, popcorn and energy and snack bars.

Source: Snacks: Diving Into Extrusion | CSP Daily News