Salted-egg-yolk chips. The next trend?

By September 21, 2017Bakery, Food trends, Snack

The Golden Duck’s Singaporean founders, Christopher Hwang and Jonathan Shen, have brought their gourmet potato and fish-skin snacks to Hong Kong. So, where did the idea of salted-egg-yolk snacks come from? Hwang: “John was the one who said, ‘Hey man, you know salted egg is such a popular flavour, parti­cularly in Asia. Why is nobody doing it on a snack?’ I said, ‘It sounds good, let’s try it.’ So we sat down with a friend and came up with a recipe for the chips. I had a huge bowl of chips in front of me; within five minutes, that bowl was gone. And I said, ‘How are we going to do this? Let’s start, let’s plan.’ From that point, it was six tiring months of [research and development] before we got anything out in the market.”

Source: Salted-egg-yolk chips? The entrepreneurs behind a very Asian snack | Post Magazine | South China Morning Post