Retailers bullish over Canada’s snack trend

By May 28, 2018Bakery, Food trends, Snack

Retailers and food distributors should take advantage of Canada’s snacking market, as demand is expected to rise over the next five years, a report said.

The Euromonitor Digest, an online publication of the Trade department’s Export Management Bureau said that Canadian consumers, especially millenials, now prefer snacks over home-cooking mainly due to their busier lifestyles.

The Euromonitor said that the Canadian younger generations lean towards skipping regular meals in favor of “mini-meals”, or snacks.

It noted the rising interaction of the snacking trend with other dominant trends in packaged food, such as health and wellness and on-the-go consumption needs.

Euromonitor said consumers are also increasingly placing a greater level of focus on nutrition and functions from food and beverages, with younger people also seeking a unique experience and interesting flavors.

“Snacking product categories have been changing over time and generally expanding from traditional snacks into dairy, cooking ingredients and meals, and staple foods,” said Euromonitor.

It said more product offerings from these markets are expected to join the “snackification” trend with products focusing on offering convenience and time-saving, providing nutrition, and other needs, such as managing stress.

Euromonitor said staple foods, which include baked goods and noodles, are also likely to be more involved in snacks.

“Besides new product offerings, a new positioning of existing products may be an easier route,” it said.

Euromonitor cited as an example dried fruit, which is being increasingly positioned for snacking occasions, such as mixing with yoghurt and being consumed on its own.

The report added that health and wellness trend will continue to evolve and expand in terms of product offerings, channel coverage and shelf presence, impacting the premium segment of packaged food.

“Locally produced packaged food and those with local ingredients offer assurance in safety and quality and also benefit from the emotional connection consumers have as to the sense of community. This is what is fundamentally behind the rising popularity of these products in Canada over the past decade, similar to trends seen in other parts of the world,” the report said.

Source: Retailers bullish over Canada’s snack trend – The Manila Times Online