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Gin is still trending upwards

“From gin tastings to gin distillery tours and even gin and tonic tea bags – gin is undeniably popular. The stats don’t lie: In 2017 a whopping 43 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK alone and there are now over 100 gin-makers in the nation…compared to just 37 in 2010…many of the new brands that have emerged on the market, particularly in France, the USA and more recently Germany, are in the style of so-called ‘New Western’ gin. Juniper berries tend to provide a subtle background flavour to these modern gins, creating space for innovative and often exotic ingredients, such as lavender, elderflower, liquorice, mandarins, cucumber or various fruits. Pink gin is now almost an industry in itself in the UK. European Bartender School

Gin is a fashionable, easy drink that suits both sophistication and budget-drinking…56% of people voted it as their favourite drink of 2019 Redbrick

Gin flavours

Gin is as popular as ever & it’s main flavour components, juniper, is also trending. Once only found in Northern European cuisine, juniper is now being fused into traditional cuisines & flavour profiles. The increasing demand for gin is mostly focused on artisanal & flavoured gins. This trendy flavour profile is exponentially being applied to a range of novel applications, such as tea, coffee, bakery, confectionary, chocolate, dairy, snack & many others. Non-alcoholic applications such as gin flavoured spritzers & mocktail gins are tremendously popular, yet many do not actually taste like gin. At Novotaste, we guarantee that our gin-inspired flavours will actually taste like authentic gin, with evident notes of the right juniper. Ask us for a customized flavour for your applications today.

Essential oils can be used to make gin

A variety of spices, containing essential oils are typically used to make gin. Novotaste can supply you with many of these. These includes: juniper, citrus elements (lemon, lime, grapefruit, bitter orange), anise, angelica , orris root, licorice root, cinnamon, almond, savory, saffron, coriander, nutmeg & cassia bark essential oils. The key to making a great gin flavour is to use the right quality, type & ratios of essential oils. As an example, there are about 60 different species of trees and shrubs in the Juniperus genus. So which one should one use? Our beverage formulators can assist you with this. They can formulate natural  gin flavours or essential oil blends that will add authentic gin notes to your applications.

Essential oil solutions

Various gin-inspired flavours possible

Natural Gin Flavour

Dominant juniper notes, typical of a generic gin profile.

Natural Artisanal Gin Flavour

A complex mixture of spices, botanicals & underlying juniper notes.

Natural Gin, Cucumber, Mint Tonic Flavour

A refreshing & trendy flavour profile consisting of fresh cucumber, intertwined with characteristic juniper, delicate mint notes & a gentle buildup of bitterness.

Popular gin cocktails that can be formulated into flavours

20th Century, Aviation, Fallen Angel, French 75, Gibson, Gimlet, Gin and tonic, Gin Fizz, Gin Rickey, Moon River, Negroni, Old Etonian, Pink Gin, Ramos Gin Fizz, Singapore Sling, The Last Word, Tom Collins, Vesper, White Lady.

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Gin Baubles

Mocktails Served Right: Flavor systems can give your mocktails the authenticity they need…and make them taste like the real thing

Prohibition: Flavour solutions for mocktails, alcohol, CBD beverages & various food applications

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