Peruvian companies hope we go nuts for its new “superseed” sacha inchi

By November 23, 2017Food trends

Peru is going to make a big effort to introduce sacha inchi to the European market this autumn. This is according to Andean & Amazonian Super(b) Foods, a news platform set up by the companies CBI, PromPeru, Adex and CCL to promote Peruvian foods. Sacha inchi is a nut-like seed with strong health benefits and the platform states that it “will be one of the stars of the Peruvian participations in Food Matters Live and Fi Europe this autumn.”

Sacha inchi is a seed that’s eaten like a nut and is described by the news platform as the next big superfood trend in Asia at the moment. The seed is native to South America and Southeast Asia and is currently sold as a snack, natural, with salt or in other flavors. Its taste is described as crunchy like a nut, with a buttery after-flavor. The seed has high levels of plant-based omega 3s and is rich is proteins.

“Sacha inchi seeds are rich in protein, omega 3, 6, and 9, alpha tocopherol vitamin E, carotenoids (vitamin A) and fiber,” Reindert Dekker of Nutridiant, which supports the Peruvian ingredients companies in the area of commercial and product development, explains to NutritionInsight. “They are interesting primarily due to their amino acids profile, which is very broad for a plant based protein.”

The seeds primarily serve the current trend for healthy snacking, Dekker adds, along with the trends for plant protein products and non-animal based omega 3 intake for brain health, vascular and heart health and healthy aging.

According to Innova Market Insights data, product launches featuring sacha inchi (global) have seen a CAGR of 24 percent between 2012 and 2016. Almost half of the global food and beverage launches tracked with sacha inchi fall in the Sports nutrition product category. The top three claims in F&B launches tracked with sacha inchi (Global, 2012-2017YTD) are GMO free, Gluten free and High/Source of protein, respectively….