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Pepsi Café, which is “cola with coffee”, is due for release in April 2020, and will come in original and vanilla flavours.

Oh, and did I mention that Pepsi Café will have DOUBLE the amount of caffeine as regular Pepsi.

Pepsi’s new coffee drink is set to be released in the USA in spring next year, so we’ll have to wait to see if it gets brought over here for us Brits to get heart palpitations from drinking it.

Speaking about the bold new beverage, Todd Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Pepsi, said: “Cola has been a pretty stagnant category over the last 20-30 years. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, we as Pepsi need to evolve as well to better meet those needs.”

Pepsi Is Releasing A Coffee Flavour With Double The Caffeine

This isn’t the first time coffee Pepsi has been a thing – back in the 90s, Pepsi Kona was launched, but people just weren’t ready for this coffee-themed Pepsi.

But Todd thinks we can handle it now: “We think the consumers today have now caught up with this trend.

“The concept of cola infused with coffee; for people to initially wrap their head around until they try it, it’s gonna take some time to catch on. We think there’s a real market there.”

And if you’re wondering about how it will taste, according to Danielle Barbaro, the director of research and development at PepsiCo, Pepsi Café is “cola forward,” with an “authentic, coffee flavour to finish.” And the vanilla flavour is designed to offer a milkier, more latte-like taste.

Mmmmmm, cola latte…

Source: Pepsi’s New Flavour Has Double The Caffeine Of Regular Pepsi