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By February 27, 2019Beverage trends

Photo: Crispin

Repeat after me. Summer is coming. We still have a whole season of spring before it’s officially here, but the sunniest season feels just a bit closer these days. That’s largely because of the delicious summer-in-a-can beverages coming this week.

Prepare yourselves for the delightful Crispin Cider Co.’s Pearsecco, which comes conveniently in a picnic-ready can. Naturally, it’s Instagram gold and also set to be your new warm-weather drink of choice. Why? There are many bubbly reasons.

For starters, the flavor combination is unique and so on trend. According to Crispin, it’s a “marriage of a pear-based cider and a bubbly prosecco flavor.”

“Both prosecco and pear-inspired beverages have seen strong growth in recent years,” said Danielle Rappoport, director of Ciders, Mexican Imports and Flavored Malt Beverages, in a press release. “With the new Pearsecco flavor, we are continuing to appeal to cider and wine drinkers alike with yet another rendition of our fresh and modern take on cider.”

It has prosecco flavor, yes, but make no mistake — this is a cider, not a wine. The flavor combination that results is a perfectly sippable balance of crispness and sweetness.

Why else should you move Pearsecco to the top of your must-drink list? It launches this week. That’s right. You don’t have to wait until summer arrives to sip and savor Pearsecco for yourself. In fact, it arrives on shelves March 1. You’ll be able to find it at grocery and liquor stores nationwide for around $16.99.

Like the many rosé ciders that captivated us last summer, Crispin’s Pearsecco will be available in 12-ounce slim cans. They’re releasing initially in a variety pack alongside Crispin Rosé and Crispin Brut. But if you really fall for the flavor, you’ll be pleased to know that Pearsecco six-packs will arrive in stores in April. If you’re sipping Pearsecco at home, Crispin recommends serving it in a wine glass to really savor it.

Are you excited to sample this year’s summery drinks and try Pearsecco for yourself?

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Source: ‘Pearsecco’ Is The Newest Summer Drink You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life