Oh My Goth: The Food Trend as Black as Your Heart

By October 28, 2017Flavour trends, Food trends

“There are some good ingredients that happen to be black, such as black garlic or black truffles,” explains James Friedberg, executive chef at New York’s Nickel & Diner. “They often possess a unique flavor and aroma that works well with my menu.” Brad Willits, executive chef at Camperdown Elm, agrees: “A lot of black ingredients are delicious: black truffle, bronze fennel, black trumpet mushrooms, and black radishes. I love squid ink; it has a unique flavor. Some people freak out when they see squid ink on the menu not realizing that it’s a nice brine-y, oceanic flavor.”

But it’s not just the flavors that are attracting chefs—many admit that the visual statement black ingredients make on the plate is a major part of the appeal. “If a dish is dramatically black, there is always a reaction,” says Jaime Young, executive chef at Sunday in Brooklyn. “People absolutely react,” says Willits. “Black isn’t a natural color to see on a plate. People are used to seeing bright colors—greens, oranges, reds. So, when people see black, there are always ‘oohhs’ and ‘huhhs.’ Black ingredients just look badass on the plate.”

Source: Oh My Goth: The Food Trend as Black as Your Heart – Vogue