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When it comes to flavor combinations, restaurants need to balance uniqueness with familiarity, according to Technomic’s 2017 Flavor Consumer Trend Report. One surefire way to ensure consumer demands are met is to leverage products from known brands, which can increase consumers’ willingness to try dishes featuring new or unusual flavors.

For example, the report found that ethnic food consumption was somewhat limited by consumers’ unfamiliarity with ingredients, which generated worry that they might not like it. However, consumers also increasingly wanting restaurants to differentiate themselves with signature flavors. This is especially the case with younger consumers—50% of 18- to 34-year-olds expected restaurants to offer signature flavors.

Below are some breakfast ideas that can help restaurants create unique flavors, incorporate significant brands and still deliver a dish that is comforting and familiar.

Sweet and savory combinations

Jimmy Dean® Brand offers products that are perfect for creating some unique flavor combinations that consumers will love. Technomic’s 2017 Flavor report found that of basic flavor profiles, sweet, smoky and spicy are three of the most popular—52% say they find sweet flavors appealing or extremely appealing, while 51% say the same about smoky flavors and 49% say so about spicy flavors. On the breakfast menu, incorporating products like Jimmy Dean® Breakfast Sausages—Maple Patties, Chorizo Patties and Barrel-Smoked Links—is the perfect way to ensure diners find those delicious flavors they’re looking for.

New takes on classic favorites

Although millennials and Gen Xers are somewhat more inclined to try new flavor combinations, Baby Boomers tend to eschew new flavors. Still, Baby Boomers continue to have the most buying power and therefore represent an audience that should be targeted with more traditional flavor optionsJimmy Dean® Breakfast Sausages offer a little bit of both, satisfying diners of all stripes.

For those looking for familiar flavor, Maple Patties pair perfectly with pancakes and other traditional breakfast fare. They’re a wholesome, savory-sweet protein that’s welcomed at the breakfast table, and they satisfy diners’ cravings for a delicious, high-protein start to the day. Restaurants can serve them as an a la carte side dish, as part of a breakfast platter or even as part of a breakfast sandwich.

Chorizo Patties and Barrel-Smoked Links, on the other hand, are a bit of a shakeup on the morning routine. Spicy and smoky flavors are great combined with heartier egg dishes as well as ethnic breakfasts like huevos rancheros. Restaurants can use Chorizo Patties in breakfast burritos or as a side for breakfast tacos, for instance. And Barrel-Smoked Links, with zero trans fats and a mouthwatering flavor, are ideal for diners who want to indulge at breakfast without the guilt.

By pairing a trusted brand with flavors that are both familiar yet exciting, restaurants can provide wonderful menu options. Sweet, smoky and spicy breakfast sausages fit the bill for diners who want something familiar as well as diners who are looking to try something new. No matter what’s on the menu, Jimmy Dean® breakfast sausages are a big winner.

Source: Offering the flavors diners want at breakfast