New trends from Russia: beer packaging ‘crucial’ as sales drop

By September 5, 2017Beverage trends

With Russia’s beer market shrinking, it has become ever more important for manufacturers to stand out among the competition. Packaging will remain a crucial tool for brewers to get their products noticed by effectively tapping into the most important consumption drivers – primarily the consumer desire for escapism and fun.

Events in July 2011 had an outsized impact on the Russian beer industry, with the new state law recognising the beverage as an alcoholic drink and placing limitations on the products’ advertisement, distribution and consumption. Economic and political instability in the country has also added to consumer uncertainty, hurting the beer market further. As a result, brewers need to be increasingly creative with their packaging designs, to both protect their share, and to try to win consumers back to the category.

Source: New trends from Russia: beer packaging ‘crucial’ as sales drop – FoodBev Media