Enjoy a sip of the sweet life with Coffee mate M&M’s Milk Chocolate creamer.

Sometimes flavor inspiration comes from a favorite food. The new Coffee mate M&M’s Milk Chocolate creamer brings a taste of that favorite candy to the coffee cup. Ready to start the morning with a sweet treat?

While some people prefer to enjoy their coffee black, coffee trends seem to show that more people are gravitating toward sweeter flavors. Putting aside the frozen coffee sugar bombs, a flavored coffee creamer offers a little taste of sweet without being a cup of sugar.

Over the past several years, coffee creamers have drawn inspiration from favorite flavors, candy and even food. From cookies to candy bars, that coffee creamer brings a taste of the familiar to every mug. It turns the morning coffee ritual into a touch of indulgence.

The new Coffee mate M&M’s Milk Chocolate creamer brings notes of classic Milk Chocolate M&M’s to the coffee cup. While not a mocha, the flavor will be a “coffee meets chocolate experience.”

Thinking about this flavor notion, the creamer should be more like blending a sweet chocolate milk with coffee. Given that M&M’s are such a classic candy, many people will want to try this coffee creamer at least once.

Looking at Coffee mate’s line of coffee creamers, the candy flavors have been a huge inspiration. That idea tends to show that some people are looking at coffee as a treat, a “me time” or just that moment to enjoy. In some ways, maybe people feel less guilty about drinking a sweet beverage than eating too many pieces of candy.

The Coffee mate M&M’s Milk Chocolate creamer will be available in stores starting in January 2021. It joins the other new flavors, Unlocked by Coffee mate Classic Colombian and Unlocked by Coffee mate Italian Espresso Roast which will be available in 2021.

Source: New Coffee mate M&M’S Milk Chocolate creamer makes mornings sweeter