Mustard is trendy – From grainy to smooth, golden brown to bright yellow

By October 6, 2017Flavour trends

Dating to ancient Roman times, mustard has grown to become one of the most popular condiments or seasonings in the world today.

As a time-tested flavour enhancer and seasoning ingredient, mustard generally consists of whole, ground or cracked mustard seeds blended with water, vinegar, salt and other spices and flavourings to create a paste ranging in colour from bright yellow to dark brown. With so many variations and styles, including the ever-popular Dijon, it’s no wonder today chefs are experimenting with mustard to develop exciting new recipes and cater to consumers’ increasing desire for healthy, natural ingredients with an ethnic flair.

“As Canadians become more in tune with gourmet food trends and healthy options from the condiment carousel, Dijon mustard has started to gain its place of pride in restaurants and households,” says Harry Lalousis, Headmaster Sommelier at La Maison Maille. “Unlike condiments and sauces that drown out and smother the flavour of the foods they are paired with, Dijon mustard enhances flavours by tenfold, on top of offering incredible cooking properties that chefs have been exploring with its properties to create signature dishes.”

Source: From grainy to smooth, golden brown to bright yellow, mustard makes the cut – Restobiz