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By November 4, 2017Multisensory, Restaurant

Yet another shanzhai F&B outlet has opened in Shanghai, this time ripping off one of our city’s very own: Ultraviolet.

Commenting on the copycat restaurant, Pairet told That’s: “I hope they have the decency to indicate credit to Ultraviolet; and I hope the food would be good.”

This isn’t the first time a restaurant has been accused of ripping off Ultraviolet and cranking up the prices. A Spanish restaurant in Ibiza also seems to have taken major elements from Pairet’s establishment and used them as their own, charging EUR1,500 per head (making it the world’s most expensive restaurant).

According to the Financial Times, Sublimotion owner Paco Roncero opened the restaurant in 2014 after a former sous Chef of Pairet’s went to work with him. The sous Chef visited Ultraviolet a year prior.

Source: Ultraviolet Ripoff Opens in Shanghai – That’s Shanghai