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By March 19, 2020Flavour trends
Ice cream, one of the desserts that never get old-fashioned. Multi-coloured flavours in cones with the topping of sprinkles. Well, this description gives a good reason to love ice cream.

Ice cream specialists don’t find chocolate and vanilla as exciting flavours anymore. They surely love strawberry and will always love it. But now the new flavours are also getting recognized. A list of most searched for ice cream flavours was released by Google which showed a trend. The list showed the ranks of the flavours most searched starting with Strawberry, then Ube, Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla, Oreo, Mango, Coconut, Matcha, Avocado.

Strawberry is the most favourite and most searched ice cream flavour. Vanilla is not at the top of the list, which is not totally surprising Ube is enjoying a top spot. Oreo is on the 6th number. Then the other like mango, coconut and matcha are flavoured inspired by Asians mostly. Matcha is pretty mainstream and coconut has been a staple in ice cream parlours. Avocado ranks at the 10th position. It is known to be the trendiest food on the earth.

Avocado ice cream sounds pretty adventurous and also it is very well suited to put in as a dessert. The fruit is very creamy and very slightly sweet and the colour stands out separately on the waffle cone.

Source: Most Searched Ice Cream Flavours – Research Snipers