Moscow’s Culinary Renaissance

By October 27, 2017Flavour trends, Food trends

Moscow’s culinary renaissance began with a perestroika-era rejection of domestic dishes for a wholehearted embrace of international cuisines: Italian, Mexican, African, Middle Eastern, and, of course, the ubiquitous Japanese sushi (still incomprehensible to me), which assures that any 7-year-old Muscovite can adroitly wield a pair of chopsticks.

Mayonnaise out, lemongrass in.

Everything in Russia goes in cycles, and food trends are no exception. On the strength of the burgeoning Russian economy in the “oughts” came a heightened awareness of the origin and quality of raw ingredients, which in turn gave rise to an exciting locavore movement.

Small organic food cooperatives and companies such as LavkaLavka, Farmers’ Bazaar, and Bio Market expanded rapidly, keeping pace with an expanding and increasingly discerning customer base.

Source: Moscow’s Culinary Renaissance