Moon milk is the latest 2018 beverage trend |

By June 14, 2018Beverage trends, Dairy

Apparently it will help you sleep.

I bloody love a shiny new food trend.

Last year, we had golden milk, mermaid lattes, unicorn toast and various freakish Starbucks creations.

Well, there’s a new treat on the block, and it comes in the form of Moon Milk.

According to Pinterest, Moon milk is one of 2018’s top food trends, with a 700 percent increase in searches so far this year.

That is a pretty impressive figure in fairness. And while it sounds pretty darn groovy, this creation is nothing new or groundbreaking.

But what is it, I hear you ask?

It’s literally a mix of warm milk with spices and honey. That’s it ya’ll.

As simple as it sounds, Moon Milk has so many wonderful benefits (and it looks amazing on the gram!)

The creamy treat can help you sleep and is also the ideal night drink if your any way anxious or stressed.According to Vogue Australia, “moon milk is a way of getting adaptogens into your system, helping you relax and allowing your blood to flow freely”.

“Adaptogens, which can be found in blends of herbs, allow the body an extra boost in difficult times—or can be used as a preventative.”

Don’t worry, I’ve no clue what an adaptogen is either, so I looked into it a little.

Adaptogens can act as a handy form of preventive medicine when you know you have a stressful time coming up.

You know yourself – an exam, an important project or a major event… get your moon milk on!

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