Doughnut shop creates crazy flavours that work

By September 25, 2017Bakery, Flavour trends

A purveyor of pop culture, Jennifer Johnson turns to TV and movie characters, bands, politics, art and more to influence the unusual doughnuts she makes and sells at Monroe Avenue’s Misfit Doughnuts & Treats.

The “Homer,” a strawberry glazed doughnut with sprinkles, is named after Homer Simpson; “Impeachment” is filled with peaches and has a spray of mint on top. Johnson offers roughly six flavors at a time — all of them vegan. Since opening in May, “I don’t think there have been two days in a row that I’ve offered the same flavors,” she says. “I’m always trying to think of different flavor profiles to cater to: at least one fruit, one chocolate, one citrus, one sweet and savory.”

Source: Monroe Avenue doughnut shop creates crazy flavors that work