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Mondelēz International may be one of the top snacking companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready to let the rest of the industry pass it by as food trends come and go. Instead, the company keeps its ear to the ground in search of new ways to stimulate growth and better serve consumers. When the company’s CEO, Dirk Van de Put, sat down with Yahoo! Finance, he gave insight into how Mondelēz continues to grow, and how snacking is gaining traction like never before.

Dirk Van de Put, CEO, Mondelēz International“We found a number of things—the biggest one, which we kind of knew, is that the behavior of snacking is growing. If you take an average adult around the world now, he or she is having more snacks than full meals on a given day,” he revealed. “The second big thing we found is that our relationship with food is changing. And maybe a third big conclusion was that snacking is much more than about eating. It’s about identity.”

As consumers’ dietary needs continue to evolve, including gluten-free, keto, etc., Mondelēz must work to tailor its portfolio of products to meet those changing needs.

“What we are trying to do is offer the consumer a mixture, trying to offer the consumer the right snack for the right moment, which could be a very health-oriented snack at a certain stage, low in sugar, GMO free, and so on. But it could also be a piece of chocolate,” Van de Put commented. “The consumer is not separated in groups that only eat well and the others eat more indulgent. They mix it up all the time.”

Mondelēz International stays on top of the snacking world by keeping up with food trends and consumer demandsMondelēz International stays on top of the snacking world by keeping up with food trends and consumer demands

New products are the lifeblood of any food producer, as consumers may love the tried-and-true staples of the brand, but also crave new flavors. Some new products and flavors look at regional tastes and others are innovative original creations. But whatever the route, it is important that the customer is on board.

“We test. We test a lot, with our more proprietary research. We have interviewed about 300,000 people,” said Van de Put. “We constantly put products in front of them to see how they react to it. We try to understand, how do they think about, for instance, the next Oreo flavor? We have competitions with consumers where they design the next flavor. So we’re trying to understand how would they connect to particular flavors or new types of products.”

Opportunities for growth are out there for companies willing to take risks and follow the trends, and Van de Put intends to keep Mondelēz on that path.

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Source: Mondelēz International CEO Ponders Food Trends | Deli Market News